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Toyota Service Pack

The best service, even more affordable

You can purchase a Toyota Service Pack for any used Toyota vehicle. Talk to your local Toyota dealer today to get your personal quotation.
  • Fix your future service cost at today’s prices for 2 years.
  • Convenient one off payment of €299 Petrol pack, €349 Hybrid pack and €399 Diesel pack covers 2 services within 2 years.
  • Complete flexibility to suit your annual mileage/length of ownership.
  • Enhance the resale value of your vehicle with a full Toyota service history.
  • Get added benefits that are only available with a Toyota Service Pack.
The Benefits With a Service Pack Without a Service Pack
Guaranteed against price increases Yes No
One off payment for 2 years Yes No
Experienced Toyota mechanics Yes Yes
Wash and vac (after every service) Yes Yes
Genuine Toyota parts fitted with a 12 month warranty Yes Yes
10% discount off additional work not covered by the plan* Yes No
10% discount off any Toyota genuine accessory fitted Yes No
Free puncture repair ** (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free bulb fitment *** (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free wiper fitment (anytime during plan) Yes No
Free vehicle health-check (anytime during plan) Yes No
2 Years Service Terms and Conditions:
The offer is applicable to the following Pan-European Toyota Passenger vehicles (IQ, Aygo, Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Urban Cruiser, C-HR, Avensis, Rav4, Prius, Prius +, Verso, Camry) up to 12yrs old and have travelled less than 180,000km only. 
The party contracting to supply the service to the customer is Toyota Ireland. The Dealer/ Authorised Repairer is acting as the agent and selling the service pack on behalf of Toyota Ireland. All payments will be handled by the Dealer/ Authorised Repairer which will be passed on to Toyota Ireland. The amount paid by you the customer is inclusive of VAT. Toyota Ireland herby subcontracts the provision of the service to our Toyota Dealer network and/or Authorised Repairer. 
The effective valid date and duration/end-date of the Contract are specified in the welcome letter. The service performed must be carried out within 1 month/ 1,500km of the scheduled service date as detailed in the service. The Contract shall end automatically, without any further notification from either Party, and without any compensation or refund being due by either Party to the other, either on the duration of the Contract, as specified in the welcome letter, or on the date/mileage on which the regular maintenance operation is exceeded. If the service pack is not used within the contract period no refund is due. 
In the event that Buyer would re-sell the Vehicle to any third party within the country in which the Vehicle has been bought from the Main Toyota Dealer and or Authorised Repairer, the Buyer may assign his/her rights and obligations pursuant to the Contract to such third party without notification to the Main Toyota Dealer and or Authorised Repairer. 
The Service Pack shall cover the following Maintenance Services: One Intermediate Service and one Full Service in accordance with the Service schedule in your service booklet Required maintenance operations (i.e. labour and service parts) prescribed by the manufacturer and which are explicitly specified in the service booklet for the Vehicle, i.e. the required maintenance operations scheduled at 1yr/15,000km or 1yr/20,000km whichever occurs first, and, for such regular maintenance operations, only those specific tasks and services that are specified in such service booklet. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that the Buyer does not present the vehicle to a Toyota Main Dealer and or an Authorised Repairer for one of the 1 aforementioned required maintenance operations, such non-performed required maintenance operation shall not be replaced by an additional regular maintenance operation (e.g. if the Buyer omits to present the vehicle for the required maintenance operation if due at 30.000km, he/she shall not be entitled to replace that required maintenance operation by another later e.g. one at 60.000km). For the avoidance of doubt, any task or service in relation to the Vehicle other than the Maintenance Services shall not be part of the Service Pack. 
The Service Pack shall not include the following tasks or services:  (1) Replacement of tyres or inner tubes.  (2) Results from misuse or negligence on the part of the Buyer or any other user of the vehicle whether overloading, excessive speed, use of unsuitable lubricants, fuel and other products. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure tyre pressures, oil level, water level, anti-frost protection, etc. are regularly checked and topped up / maintained as required between the required service schedules.  (3) Bodywork and paintwork, upholstery, work on non-original radio equipment and accessories not originally fitted by the manufacturer, also the replacement of glass.  (4) Any repairs that result from accident, theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters or other causes must be treated as extraneous in the context of normal use of the Vehicle.  (5) Replacement of Brake Pads and Brake Discs