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Toyota Express Service

When your vehicle goes in for its regular check up, you don’t want to miss out on the high quality service you expect from Toyota. You want your vehicle to get expert attention, and you want it without hassle or inconvenience. So we’ve developed the Toyota Express Service – because we know that you want the service option that best suits your lifestyle.

Takes 60 minutes

The Toyota Express Service takes a maximum of 60 minutes. Choose a convenient appointment time, bring in your car, and in no more than 60 minutes drive it away.

Convenient and affordable

A quick and easy way to maintain your car. Get your car back in an hour. No need to spend a day without it or pick up a courtesy vehicle.

Double the attention

Your vehicle benefits from the attention of two skilled technicians working to a carefully planned, synchronised routine. Service time is halved, at no extra cost, and invoicing and paperwork are streamlined.

Technology at your service

Specialist equipment and up-date technology drastically cuts service times.

An hour to keep your Toyota for a lifetime

Regular vehicle maintenance is key to keeping your Toyota for as long as possible. Toyota Express Service makes it as easy and quick as possible.


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